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““From the stunning book cover that conveys the beginning of this amazing saga, starting in Budapest with a 12 year-old, homeless and shoeless, to witnessing the killing of hundreds of Jews, her eventual immigration to United States via Canada, Marika Roth’s narrative holds us captive throughout one hell of a ride: betrayal, sexual predators, love affairs, modeling career, kidnapping of her children, etc. ... Not to be missed!”” —Tova Laiter, Producer, The Scarlett Letter and Varsity Blues

“A story about the indomitable spirit of a woman faced with unimaginable horrors and impossible odds. Roth tells her extraordinary tale with clarity and a remarkable lack of self pity.” —Jillian Lauren, Author, Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

“You will want to join Marika on a worldwide journey from fear to freedom.” —Mary Wehbi-Bates

“A story of self-discovery, wonderfully told, full of such drama that one can hardly believe that one innocent little girl could endure so much. I couldn’t put it down!” —Mary Stokes-Rees, China 

“I remember Marika calling me to say she’d discovered a memorial to the atrocity she’d witnessed along the banks of the Danube in January of 1945. I googled the event and suddenly the draft of her memoir in my hands felt very, very heavy. This is a powerful book about overcoming the ongoing, chronic victimization that is all-too often the prolonged second act of the refugee ordeal.” —Robert Morgan Fisher, Award-Winning Writer

“I have read books about how people suffered during WWII, like Imre Kertesz who won the Nobel prize, seen movies too, but none moved me as much as All the Pretty Shoes. Roth’s style, the way she narrated how cruel life can be, without judging others, or without talking about feelings, truly brought tears to my eyes.” —Vivian Nagy, Hungary

“Of all of the books I have read about the invasion of the Germans and Hitler’s regimen and persecution of the Jewish people this is by far the most compelling! The story of Anne Frank cannot even compare to what Marika went through. This book brought out my own feelings of sadness, happiness, pain and fear as I read the many adversities that Marika had to overcome. I cannot think of another book I have ever read that has brought this much feeling and emotion out of me. This is a book that all teenage and young adults should read. This book could very well encourage them to realize that they can conquer they’re own adversities and come out in a better place in their lives. She has made a difference in my life and I am a better because of Marika!” —Shelia Durfey, Independent

All the Pretty Shoes is a definite page turner. It is an incredible story of survival and the ability to overcome. It’s a must read for Oprah’s book club!” —Ellen Bass, Artist-Designer

“Even days after reading the memoir All the Pretty Shoes, I am still swirling in my head about this incredible life story. As a mother of child who was 12 at one time, I certainly empathized, as well as was in awe of what the 12-year-old Marika had to endure. Her life’s journey with all its drama, perils and so little love made me want to hold her as I turned every page to read this remarkable journey of survival.  
The painted shoes on the cover sets the tone for the flavor of this old world saga and the Victorian-ish filligree-like lines that divide the chapters and adorn the photos further set the mood of Marika’a life in war torn Europe. —Linda F. Guiffreda Baker, Professor of Art and History

“An important book on the dark side of the human condition, and how we can rise above the darkness and move into the light. Very powerful. A must read.” —David P. Russotto, Dir. of Business Development

“Marika Roth has given us a memorable account of a time that cannot be forgotten. This gripping journey is skillfully recounted in this moving adventure of love, perseverance, and personal growth. Her intelligent and readable recollections are from a person who is tender and sophisticated.”  —Prof. Ronald F. Trugman

“I loved the book! Made me appreciate that life’s detours and road blocks are never to be feared, but overcome, because new adventures await ahead. What an interesting life you’ve lived!” —Aaron Cohen, VP of American Maintenance Business

“I could not put All the Pretty Shoes down! It is an amazing story about personal tragedy and triumph and the strength of the human spirit. Marika Roth’s powerful words capture her readers from the very first page and do not let go until the very last word!” —Sharon Howard, Law firm

“I didn’t want to put the book down, a REAL page turner! Your heartfelt description of your life struggles gave me the chills; I could feel your pain and, at other times, your happiness.” —Caren Labowitch, Director of Patient Relations

“A ‘must read’ for every generation to come. It is a poignant story of the indomitable spirit of a 12-year-old, swirled up in the unimaginable evil world of the Holocaust in early 1945. Through sheer determination and cunning, she survives the horrors—alone. It stands out from among the many books written about the Holocaust years, in that it follows the saga of that girl into womanhood, and portrays a life that could have been stained and ruined by those years, which instead, through an unfathomable strength of survival, circumvented inner and outer battles, searched for, and achieved, a measure of happiness.” —Stefan Pollack, President, The Pollack PR Marketing Group

“L’auteur, mélange la malchance, l’obstination, le courage dans sa recherche permanente du bonheur, souvent deçu ou trahi mais qui  n’abandonnera jamais. Une ‘Cosette’ toujours à la recherche de son Marius!” —Norbert Blanc, France
(Author mixes misfortunes with perseverance and courage in search of a stable happy life. In spite of the many obstacles this young girl never abandonees her hope for happiness—as she tirelessly searches for a better future.)

All the Pretty Shoes is the remarkable story of the most remarkable woman I have ever known. Instead of defeating her, the losses, trials, horrors, and deprivations she endured made her into a strong and courageous woman who is also quick-witted, charming, and warm; a woman who finally found the love she sought. ‘Compelling’ is the word that best describes All the Pretty Shoes; once I started reading it, I simply could not put it down.” —Sandra McGregor, USC Alumni of Film

“An amazing story of survival through sheer will and determination conquering multiple tragic traumas, both physical and psychological. The book is a testament to one woman’s humanity and strength.” —Lynn & Steve Lipton, Esq.

“One comment on your book: Wow! The trials and tribulations of your youth are incomprehensible to me, a middle class American who was totally insulated from the world in which you grew up! Your story is truly remarkable.” —Jim Durfey, Director of American Assets

“I felt as if I were reliving Marianne’s journey through every stage of her life—wanting to protect the orphaned child during the war, to encourage the adolescent in her school years and to befriend her in her adulthood. An unforgettable journey of courage, hope and love.” —Pati Freud, Independent

“A rollercoaster ride of tragic events with an underlying spirit of determination and self-discovery through the eyes of Marika. All the Pretty Shoes is a gripping memoir that is impossible to put down. Amidst all the devastating events in Marika’s life, I was captivated by her tenacity and strength to never give up. Hope and inspiration are central themes throughout the novel and readers will find themselves rooting for Marika to pull herself from the ashes and keep moving forward on her journey.” —David N. Tuason, Financial Consultant

“I was privileged to read All the Pretty Shoes and quite honestly had a difficult time putting it down. Your story is certainly compelling especially with what you needed to do to survive. As I read your journey from childhood through adolescent to today, your determination and courageous spirit was humbling. You are truly an inspiration to everyone.” —Susan Bursk, Century City Chamber of Commerce

All the Pretty Shoes takes you on a poignant and personal journey through history. Marika Roth’s account of her haunting childhood and fight for survival as an adult, leave the reader both transfixed and inspired. A must read!” —Stephanie Bowen

“I loved All the Pretty Shoes. Found it hard to put down. It is a story of survival and having to overcome obstacles during one’s life. The fact that Marika survived and made it through was a testament of her flourished character.  I am recommending it to everyone.” —Suzanne Marlow

 “A fascinating firsthand account of a truly remarkable life. Profoundly moving and life affirming.” —Hugh Griffin


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